For many climbers this question is almost irrelevant as they will have to fit their climb into whatever dates they can clear from their busy work or family schedules, though for perhaps the majority, this is probably the first question prospective climbers should ask themselves.

Climbing Kilimanjaro during the two rainy season that it experiences is preferentially avoided by most tourists. The main reason being climbing becomes way more difficult with muddy and slippery slopes and the scenic beauty of the surrounding is not up to the mark.

That being the case, there are still some added attractions for trekkers who prefer to climb during the rainy season:

You’ll find nearly no crowds on any of the route. Even heavily commercialized routes like Machame and Lemosho are dead empty and you can pretty much trail the entire route all by yourself.

Some trekkers prefer the timing when they’re likely to come across the snowcapped peaks which create a more authentic alpine trekking experience.

Most climbers, however, prefer not to be bothered by the rain and trekking with crowds around them. The busy months are also the one when nature in Kilimanjaro is in full swing and at its best offering all around picturesque view. But from our experience, we develop our tours and time it in such that our climbers are exposed to a lesser volume of crowds around which is essential for an authentic wilderness experience.

We try to incorporate into our tours the best pro-acclimatization topographical features. Our quest for taking our trekkers through the remotest routes possible has driven us to develop unique itineraries that are exclusive to us. This help us ensure that even during the most crowded months, you’re less likely to suffer from such crowds and pace the trail as per your preference without being leap-frogged or jostled by other support staffs and crew members.

There are really no months that absolutely have to be avoided. For those who prefer the least crowded time of the year and also the rainy months, the following months are recommended: January, March, June, and October.

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